ASTech Talks – Agriculture Innovation Focus

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This week’s featured ASTech Talk/Tok’s – Focus on Alberta’s Excellence in Agricultural Innovation and two phenomenal post secondary researchers in their respective fields. 

2013 ASTech Winner: Dr. Igor Kovalchuk, University of Lethbridge – Lethbridge, Research in the field of plant biotechnology & medicinal poppy industry

    • Development of cost-effective transgenic plants that can monitor for potential environmental pollution and prevent bacterial contamination exposure, through his company Plantbiosis; additional support of Canadian biotech companies in medical poppies – one of the most lucrative crops in western Canada.

2011 ASTech Winner: Dr. David BresslerUniversity of Alberta – Edmonton, Converting Abundant Biomass To Create A Sustainable Economy

    • Leader of the Alberta Biorefining Conversions Network (BCN), which has brought Alberta to the forefront in the emerging global bio-industrial sector. With his multi-disciplinary research work encompassing microbiology, biotechnology, and chemical engineering, Dr. Bressler is pioneering the way in converting biomass into compatible resources in an environmentally friendly and sustainable manner.
    • 2021 – Bio-Fuels Plant and the U of A’s Biojet fuel project