Featured ASTech Award Winner (2013): Metis Entrepreneur – Jerry Hanna, CEO of Clearflow Group

How has winning an ASTech Award impacted you?

“The ASTech award meant a lot to me both for business and personally. To be considered and win an award at this level of science truly was amazing and I will always be humbled to be considered in this group of scientists, researchers and inventors. 

As a Métis person I also look forward to seeing more indigenous innovation come about, we have so much to offer.
– Jerry Hanna

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About Clearflow

Clearflow is an Indigenous business and member of the Canadian Council for Aboriginal Business. We are specialists in TSS control with a diverse line of products and services, providing unique, innovative, site-specific answers to soil and water challenges. Clearflow has developed a line of polymer products with a suite of services provided by professional engineers, chemists, scientists, project managers and installers.

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